PNC Secured Visa Credit Card Review 2023 – Should you Apply?

PNC Secured Visa Credit Card Review

PNC Secured Visa Credit Card is a secured type of credit card in the list of PNC credit cards. This PNC bank credit card doesn’t really have much to offer to its customers. In this article, we will go through the basics of this card to help you determine whether to go ahead with this PNC Secured credit card application

PNC Secured Visa Credit Card

PNC Secured Visa Credit Card

  • Monthly Fee – $3
  • Rewards Rate – None
  • Intro APR – No intro APR offer
  • Regular APR – 23.24% (Variable – Check with your PNC branch)
  • Sign-Up Bonus – None
  • Recommended Credit Score – Bad

PNC Secured Visa Credit Card Review In Depth

Quick Highlights

Card type: Secured Credit Card

Credit Score Requirements: Can be applied with Bad Credit Score

PNC Rewards Rate: This card does not have any rewards program yet.

Welcome Offer: There is no sign-up bonus on this PNC Secured Credit Card.

Foreign Transaction Fee: 3%

PNC credit card Customer Service Number: t 1-855-PNC-RWDS (1-855-762-7937)

PNC Secured Credit Card Pros and Cons


  • You can apply for this card even with a bad credit Score


  • No intro APR on purchases
  • No Welcome Offer
  • Foreign transaction fee
  • Security deposit needed at the time of application
  • No rewards program

How to apply for PNC Secured Credit Card?

You should note that online application is not allowed for this credit card and as such you must open an account at your nearest PNC Bank Branch.

Apply by visiting a branch closest to you. To locate the branch visit the PNC Bank official website.

Provide a security deposit of $300-$2,500 while applying and if your application gets approved this ecurity deposit will be used to establish your new credit limit.


The main advantage of this credit card is that you can apply for this card even if you have a bad credit score.

The card is meant for increasing and strengthening your credit score so that you can apply for better cards in coming future. If you use this card responsibly you will definitely improve your credit score and your spending habits.

PNC Bank Secured Credit Card Security Features

  • Zero Liability Fraud Protection: If you report your card or card number is lost, you won’t be held responsible for any unauthorised transactions.
  • PNC Easy Lock: lock your card in real-time if misplaced or lost.
  • Real-time Alerts: Receive live email or text message alerts when your card is used online.

Why you might want to consider an alternate Credit Card?

  • No Intro APR offers: There are no intro offers on purchases as well as balance transfers.
  • No sign-up bonus offers
  • A security deposit of $300-$2,500 while applying
  • No rewards program
  •  3% foreign transaction fee: This makes it not a suitable choice for travelling outside the U.S.
  • PNC has a limited number of branches across the country. Most of the branches are located in highly populated cities while other locations only provide partner ATMs.

Comparison with other Similar Credit Cards

If you have a good/excellent credit score you can check out other Credit Cards from PNC Bank like PNC points® Visa® Credit Card, PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card and PNC Core Visa Credit Card.

Is PNC Secured Credit Card worth applying for?

If you are a PNC banking customer and looking for a card that you can apply with a bad credit score then you might look into this credit card. However, it’s worth knowing that this card does not have any rewards program making it less attractive compared to other company credit cards.


What credit score do you need for PNC secured credit card?

You can apply for this card with a Bad Credit Score.

Can I convert my PNC secured credit card to unsecured one?

No, you cannot do that.

Does PNC bank have secured credit cards?


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